Hi, my name is Anton and I am a consultant in Statistical Programming working with small-to-medium CROs and pharma companies. In 2018, I celebrate 11 years in the industry. 

Also, I am a CEO of a company of one (currently) called Statesco LLC, that is why the site name.

What I do

  • Analysis database and TLF programming and QC
  • SAP and TLF mock-up shell writing
  • SDTM programming and specs
  • Interfacing with EDC systems, with particular experience working with OpenClinica and ClinCapture
  • Third-party and legacy data integration
  • Complex data transformations (like making ODM XML out of a 9000 column dataset)

For all clinical study work, I strongly suggest using double redundant programming. Trying to cut the costs there will likely cost you dearly in time spent on QCing the results yourself and associated back-and-forth. Double redundant programming is the gold standard in the industry. It means you will need another guy at the minimum, or more (I work fast!). I can bring the additional guy(s), or you do.


What I don't do

  • Managerial roles
  • Personnel training
  • Lots of on-site work (a week is OK-ish, but I am a family guy)
  • Sample size analysis
  • Complex system programming (SAS is not a right tool here; complex means >10k LOC)
  • BA/BE studies (unless the budget is on par with a normal study; there are people specializing on BA/BE using various ways to slash costs)
  • Validation work - I know the ropes, but it is just boring to me

Why you might consider working with me?

If you are like most of my clients - a CRO or pharmaceutical company working to produce a meaningful submission of their clinical data to a regulatory authority and want high quality analysis of the data. You want the analysis to be performed in a mindful way, with all glitches in the data to be accounted for, with all uncertain points in the documentation to be clarified.

Or maybe you have complex data from the third party vendor to integrate, or just the second pair or eyes to thoroughly QC the work.

You have tight and often drop-dead timelines. You are pressed to do more with less.

You prefer open communication inside and outside of the team. Then maybe you should indeed consider bringing me on the boat.

And just to clarify, I am not considering any permanent positions at the moment. Been there, seen that. I will be single-minded determined to complete your project when the time is right, and you will not need to invent some work for me during the downtime.

Get in touch with me

Email: anton@statesco.com

Skype: anton.meshcheryakov

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/antonmeshcheryakov/

Blog: blog.statesco.com